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School Of Three

That's NOT How You Do Ballet! (Local Author)

That's NOT How You Do Ballet! (Local Author)

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That’s NOT How You Do Ballet!

Chloe loves to dance, especially ballet. She works hard to get the moves just right. Her family also loves to dance, but they are doing ballet all wrong! Chloe has to decide what is more important to her as she struggles to watch the chaos her family calls dancing. Dance along with Chloe’s family as Chloe learns that some things are more important than dancing ballet just right.

About Laura Brown and School of Three

Laura Brown is the author of That’s NOT How You Do Ballet!, the name behind School of Three, a wife, a mom to three young children and an elementary school teacher.

She enjoys using her creative passions at home with her children as well as sharing her activities with others in hopes to provide ready-to-use activities to other parents and teachers.

Laura is passionate about how to implement effective teaching strategies among all of the different learning styles and needs, as well as making education equitable to all children.

Laura has been creating stories since she was a little girl, now inspired by the daily experiences of her children and other kids alike. Over the years there have been many bedtime sturggles that have led to the creation of stories that Laura has thoroughly enjoyed sharing with her family and friends. Now she gets to share them with you!

School of Three is a symbol of passion. Passion for creativity, for learning and for growing. Laura began School of Three as an outlet for her creativity amongst a time of healing, to help other parents and teachers with young children. Among the school based activities she was doing at the time, she began to write creatively about the every day experinces her three children found themselves in, inspiring her creativity and joy for fun stories. School of Three then became the avenue for which her books are published. School of Three now represents so much more, some of which encompases Laura’s passions and identity as a mother, a teacher and a creator.

As a teacher, Laura sees that there are always ways the enjoyment of a book can go further and be turned into engaged, learning opportunities. So this is one of the things that is being provided through School of Three.

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