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Orange Slime (Sports Pieces)

Orange Slime (Sports Pieces)

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Magic Slime’s consistency has been described as an epic cross between silly putty & slime. It’s thick, glossy and smooth, but best of all it won’t stick to yours hands if cared for correctly! Did we mention that each batch is scented to perfection & each jar comes with a bag full of fun themed toppings!!

Slime Removal Tip: Kids will be kids & if by chance any of our Magic Slime ends up stuck in some hair, your carpets, or dropped on the new couch, don’t worry VINEGAR will remove our slime from anywhere it may accidentally get stuck!

Slime Care:
✨Store in the provided jar with the lid on tight when slime is not in use.
✨Slime will dry out when it is exposed to air for too long, take breaks in between long play sessions.
✨To extend your slimes shelf life, store in the refrigerator or cool place between uses to prevent the slime from getting warm & deactivating.
✨Only play with your Magic Slime with freshly washed & dried hands.

•Please read before you purchase•

 The consistency of the slime upon arrival may differ from the picture due to the shipping condition beyond our control, delivery time, temperature, handling, etc.

Slimes are not edible - NOT recommended for young children, Adult supervision is recommended!

We make our slime in small batches so the colouring from batch to batch may differ slightly from the photos and colours may mix during transit.

 Product Information: 8oz. Jar of slime and theme package.

Main Ingredients: glue, borax, clay based product, corn starch and fragrance oil.

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