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Random House

Can You Put Me to Bed?

Can You Put Me to Bed?

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An adorably sweet, interactive picture book about bedtime that provides endless fun!

Can you convince this sleepy sloth it's time for bed? In this playful story, an adorable but stubborn sloth insists she's not tired enough to say goodnight! Following the sloth's bedtime routine, children and families will delight in the interactive experience they'll want to read again and again. You could try singing a lullaby, clapping off the lights, or tapping the book to help this little sloth fall asleep in this fun read aloud, but she promises it won't work. She's still…not…sleepy…

Readers of Don't Push the Button and Press Here will love this cute, interactive story perfect for bedtime!

The best book gift for:
  • Toddlers and young children ages 3-7
  • Preschool learners: great for at-home toddler learning activities!
  • Birthdays
  • Holiday stocking stuffer
  • Easter basket stuffer
  • Valentine's Day
  • and more!
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